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Bathroom Cleaning Tips Everyone Needs to Know

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Looking for bathroom cleaning tips? Here are some tips everyone needs to know. If you are like the majority of us, cleaning the bathroom is not one of your favorite things to do. If we could, we would all avoid cleaning this particular room in the house, but we can’t. So, some of these tips will help you with cleaning your bathroom and keeping your bathroom cleaned. Some of these things you can do to help cut down on so much cleaning as well. Take a look at the following bathroom cleaning tips:

Bathroom Cleaning Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Air Your Bathroom Out

One of the important things you need to do in your bathroom is air it out from time to time. By not airing your bathroom out, you’re asking for more build up and moisture in your bathroom. This will also lead to mold and mildew build up. Once a day, if you can, open your bathroom window for about 30 minutes. Actually, you can set an alarm on your phone to alert you to open the window and set one to alert you to close your window. This may sound crazy, but this is something that many of us don’t think about, but it will definitely help with cleaning your bathroom. This will also cut down on odors as well.

Soak the Sink, Tub, & Toilet with Comet

Remember when grandma used to have Comet cleaner all over the sink, toilet and tub? Well, grandma knew what she was doing. There are a ton of things to clean your bathroom with, but Comet cleaner is one of those cleaners you just can’t go wrong with. To get the most use out of Comet cleaner, sprinkle it on the sink, tub, and toilet and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Once you have cleaned the other parts of the bathroom, use a wet cloth and run the water in your tub and sink to clean it. Use your toilet brush to clean the toilet. Not only does the Comet cleaner clean the dirt and grime, it also disinfects everything. You can also use the Comet cleaner on your counters in the bathroom. I use it on my counters around my sink and the counters around my tub.

Cleaning Your Drains

Once a month, it is important that you clean the drains in your bathroom. The tub drain is the worse because it often gets stopped up with hair and other grime. But you also need to clean the sink drain. You can buy drain cleaners from the store for as little as a dollar to pour down your drain. It’s important that you do this once a month, or at least once every two months. Neglecting this problem can cause problems with your drain and before you know it, you will be calling a plumber to unclog your drains. You can also find home remedies to mix together to pour down the drain to keep things flowing instead of buying drain cleaner every month. I use baking soda, vinegar and boiling water for my bathroom drains every month. If you would rather use a home remedy, search the search engine of your preference to find a great remedy for cleaning your bathroom drains.

Making Your Bathroom Shine

One of the hardest things you do is keep your bathroom shining all of the time. There always seems to be soap drips, toothpaste splatter, and water drips on the sink and tub and on the faucets. One of the quickest ways to make your bathroom shine and get rid of these irritating things is by using a solution of one part water and one part white vinegar.  Spray that solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe down your faucets and counters. It will remove all of the stains and your bathroom will be shining. This will also help cut down on the heavy duty cleaning. If you use this cloth to wipe the stains away once a day, it won’t build up and you won’t have to scrub so hard when you do your heavy duty cleaning.

These bathroom cleaning tips will help you with cleaning your bathroom. By doing these simple things, your heavy duty cleaning will be made easier. By heavy duty cleaning, I mean the real cleaning you give your bathroom once a month or so. Not the touch up we do every few days. Don’t forget to keep your drains clean or you might run into major problems. If you run into a drain problem, call the guys at Downriver Plumbers in Downriver, Michigan.

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