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Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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Doing a home renovation project yourself can give you a much better connection with your home. A sense of pride that comes with doing something and then standing back and just admiring it. With home renovation projects, you’re actually admiring it everyday. But for many homeowners, that pride turns into anger and maybe even failures because they didn’t avoid a few simple home renovation mistakes. Don’t let this happen to you, learn the most common home renovation mistakes that so many people make and how to avoid them.

Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

The mistakes that I talk about in this article can be for both large and small jobs. If you’re just repainting a kitchen or bath some may not apply but for the most part keep these home renovation mistakes in mind when planning out and executing a project.

Plan Your Project and Budget Beforehand

Put together a plan before you do anything to your home. A list of materials, costs, time, etc… Your entire project needs to be planned out before you ever start working on it. Don’t think you’re just going to wing it. You need to account for time and money spent on the project too. Running out of either of those and you may end up making a total mess of your home.

You also need a schedule of work if the project is larger. Allot time for each job on the project and if you start falling behind then make adjustments. Sometimes material delivery can be weeks in advance so be sure to consider that when making your plans.

Don’t Buy Cheap Materials to Work With

In case you haven’t heard this lately, I’ll repeat it again: You get what you pay for. Chances are you’ve heard it before and it applies to home renovation materials just like in every other part of life. Buying cheap materials means you won’t get the advantages that more higher priced materials offer. Including energy efficiency ratings. It may also be more difficult to work with cheaper materials as well.

If you can’t afford to buy the right material for the job then wait on the job. It’s much better to put a home renovation project off for a few months and use the right materials than to rush the project with lesser grade cheaper materials. This also applies to items that aren’t in view or that are hidden such as plumbing.

Add Extra in Your Project

So you’ve chosen the exact floor you wanted and it just came in. Now that you started putting it down you realize you’ve run out with just a few pieces missing. A quick call to the flooring store and you realize they are out of stock. Then the flooring company discontinues the flooring altogether. This could happen if you don’t budget in and order more than you need. Typically it’s best to order about 15-20% extra for the job you need.

There are two benefits to this. The first being that you’ll get the materials that you wanted and have enough to complete the project even if you damage a piece or two while installing. The second is you’ll have extra to store in the garage in case you need to replace a piece of the flooring later.

This doesn’t just mean flooring either. On many of the materials that you’ll use be sure to get more than you need. Items such as wall paper or bathroom tiles sometimes get damaged during installation and need to be replaced. Many home improvement stores will accept returns on materials if they are normal stock items.

Don’t Skimp on Your Budget Either

When doing any home renovation project the number one mistake that most people make is not budgeting enough money. There are almost always things you forgot when making your home renovation plans. Items such as tile glue or nails or that plumbing problem that you found when you removed the wall. Whatever the reason you’ll need to budget more than enough money in your project in case any of these situations arise.

I hope these home renovation mistakes to avoid has helped you better understand what you’ll need to make the most of your home renovation project.

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