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🏠🏘️😃 💡 Is Covering Your Old Roof with a New Roof in Downriver Michigan A Good Idea? 💡💡🏠

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There are several methods to installing a new roof on a home. The first method and most generally used is removing the old roof materials down to the roof decking and installing new materials. This method is called a tear off roof installation and it is what most people use in Downriver Michigan. However, another method of installing a new roof in Downriver Michigan basically leaves the old roof in place and a new layer of shingles are placed over the top of the old roof. This method is known as re-roofing. Basically your own roof is covered up with new roofing materials that can protect your home. The question is should you opt for this method and what are advantages and disadvantages of it? We’ll take a deeper look at that question and more in this article.

🏠🏘️😃 💡 Is Covering Your Old Roof with a New Roof in Downriver Michigan A Good Idea? 💡💡🏠

The roofing on your home protects the home from weather and is designed to last a long time. However, the roof of your home likely won’t last forever and storms and other problems can damage it. This damage can lead to the need for a new roof installation on your Downriver Michigan home which can be expensive. To save money some homeowners decide to use the re-roofing method to get the new roof on their home which can save money. There are some drawbacks to re-roofing your home which will go over here.

Re-roofing is less expensive

When it comes to getting a new roof on your home the price can be affected by the method used to install the new roof. During re-roofing much of the labor is eliminated because the old roof is left in place. This can also cut down on debris removal costs as well because none of the old shingles will need to be hauled away or disposed up. Re-roofing can sometimes save a few thousand dollars on the roof but many factors will come into play when determining just how much you can save by re-roofing.

The roof decking may not be inspected

One area of the home roof that should be inspected during a roof insulation is he roof decking. This material is usually made of wood and can be damaged from a roof leak. When the entire roof is removed during a tear off installation the roof decking can easily be inspected and any problems can be repaired during this process. However, when re-roofing your home the roof decking is never exposed because the old roof is left in place and cannot be inspected. So any problems in the roof decking that you had before the new roof installation will still remain after the new roof is installed. This can sometimes cause the roof to sag or dip in areas which may be noticeable even with the new roof installation.

Underlayment is usually not used during re-roofing

The way the roof on your home is installed is with a roof underlayment that is placed and roofing shingles are then attached to the roof through the underlayment for an extra layer of protection. During re-roofing, underlayment is not used because the old shingles are still in place along with the underlayment that was initially installed with that roof. Some of the newer underlayment choices are more energy efficient and protect better than those from just a few decades ago.

Re-roofing adds additional weight

While it may not seem like much when you consider a single shingle that is attached to your home when you re-roof a home you actually add a considerable amount of weight to the roof. In fact one of the limitations that many municipalities place on re-roofing is limited to two layers of shingles. This is usually because of the additional weight that the additional layers of shingles will add to the home. Structurally the additional weight load may be too much for the home to take. And some older homes even re-roofing once can cause problems with the drywall cracking or other settling issues depending on the foundation of your home.

Talk with a professional roofing company

In order to properly decide if you should re-roof your home or not it’s always best to talk with a professional roofer who can inspect your current roof. Call Downriver Roofers today and talk with one of their roofing experts about your project. They offer free estimates on roofing projects and can even help with financing your new roof. Call 734-548-9919 to get started!

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