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Kitchen Faucet Types – What You Need to Know Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

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Kitchen faucet types are something you need to know about before you remodel your kitchen. If you are thinking about home remodeling and your kitchen is on your list, it is important that you learn about the types of kitchen faucets you have to choose from. Some people have no clue that there are so many styles of faucets to choose from. That’s why I have put together this kitchen faucet types guide. Take a look at the different types below:

Kitchen Faucet Types – What You Need to Know Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

Pull Out Faucets

The pull out kitchen faucets are quite popular for those who go with a shallow sink. The reason being, the sprayer for a pull out faucet pulls straight out to you. This will allow you to sit a large pot or bowl on the counter, pull the sprayer out and fill the pot or bowl with water. Since the spray wands pulls straight out, those who have small or swallow sinks that large pots won’t fit in, will go with this type of kitchen faucet.

Pull Down Faucets

The pull down faucets are pretty similar to the pull out faucets. Instead of the spray wand pulling straight out towards you, it pulls straight down into the sink. This type of faucet is often used with deep sinks.

Single Handle Faucet

There are a few different styles when it comes to the single handle faucet for your kitchen. One of the styles includes the single handle with the side sprayer. This style has a spout that is low, but it has a sprayer on the side. You can pull the sprayer wand out to rinse dishes and fill bowls and pots. This style is very popular. Another style is the single handle faucet. It is the same as the single handle faucet with the sprayer except it doesn’t have a sprayer. The spouts on these faucets are a little taller as well.

Two Handle Faucets

The two handle faucets, like the single handle faucets, comes with a few different styles. For example, one style comes with a sprayer and some styles don’t have a sprayer. This type of faucet can have a short or tall water spout, but there are two handles that controls the water temperature. One handle is for the hot water and the other handle is for the cold water.

Wall Mount Faucets

If you are going for a more modern look when you remodel your kitchen, you might want to consider a wall mount faucet for your kitchen sink. As the name says, these faucets mount to the wall. Some of the faucets have a spray wand and others have single handles and two handles. There are many styles and colors to choose from when it comes to wall mount faucets.

Oversized Faucets

If you do a lot of cooking for large crowds using large pots and bowls, you may want to consider the oversized faucets. These faucets have one wand and they can either pull down or out. They are very large and work great with large sinks and large pots and bowls. These are the faucets you often see in restaurants and on cooking shows.

Water Filter Faucets

There are also water faucets with built in water filters. The filtration system is installed under your sink and the water is filtered as it comes out of the spout.

There are many more styles of kitchen faucets for you to choose from. The different kitchen faucet types will fall under the main types above. There are so many styles, colors, and finishes to choose from. You can take a look at this Lowes page to see graphics of the different faucet types. It important that you think it over and take a look at the different faucets before you make your plans for remodeling your kitchen because this is an important part of your kitchen. If you are in the Allen Park, Michigan, or Downriver, Michigan, area and you are planning to remodel your kitchen, call All Point Construction. These guys are awesome and have many years in the home remodeling and home improvement business.

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