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Is Re-Roofing Better Than Tear Off and Replacement?

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Your home’s roof protects you from weather, wind, and rain. Sooner or later your roof may fail and when it does you may need to decide whether to re-roof your current roof or do a complete tear off and replacement roof. There are advantages and disadvantages to each roofing method and which one is right for your roof may be something you’ll want to discuss with the roofing contractor. I’ll give you some of the pros and cons of each roofing method in this article so you can better decide for your home.ย 

Is Re-Roofing Better Than Tear Off and Replacement?

Lots of people consider one roofing method better than the other. However, if you choose re roofing or tear off and replacement roofing you can be wrong, or right for that matter. Determining which roofing method is better is usually done on a case by case basis. And it’s usually best to talk with a roofing contractor in order to get the full details of the project. One of those details is cost and it can be a big difference between re roofing and tear off and replacement. Whichever you decide to do be sure to get an estimate on both methods just to be sure.


Determining which roofing method is better is
usually done on a case by case basis.
And it’s usually best to talk with a roofing contractor
in order to get the full details of the project.

Price of Re Roofing Versus Tear Off and Replacement

One of the biggest differences that home owners notice when it comes to tear off and replacement versus re roofing is the price of the roofing project. Re roofing is usually cheaper than tear off and replacement. When you re roof a home the roofing contractor installs a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of the old asphalt shingles that are currently installed. Re roofing saves on labor costs because the old shingles don’t need to be removed. There is also some material savings because tar paper is not needed as well. One third saving you’ll get from re roofing is that there is very little debris from the project which can save on disposal costs. These factors are what makes the re roof less expensive than a tear off and replacement. It also helps the roofing contractor to finish the home improvement project faster. Since the work is less labor intensive and less material to install the time frame for installing the new roof is much less.

re roofing and tear off and replacement

So Why Not Just Re Roof and Save Some Money?

While it sounds great to spend less money on your roof, buy less materials, and have much less debris to dispose of, re roofing does have some problems that tear off and replacement doesn’t. During a re roof the old roof is simply covered up. That means that any sort of problems or flaws are covered up as well and could come back to haunt you later. Dips and rises in the roof can be noticed through the new roof if the roof was re roofed. Simply because those same flaws were just covered up.

Another problem that re roofing poses is weight. The weight of a new roof is added on top of your existing roof which could mean adding a few thousand more pounds to your roof. Most homes can support a second layer of shingles without a problem. But a third layer is likely too much. Most building codes won’t allow a re roof for a third time. Older homes that have structural issues may have problems with a re roof as well because of the additional weight.

Removing the asphalt shingles will remove the weight during a tear off and replacement and it will also expose the roof decking and all of it’s problems. Unlike re roofing tear off and replacement will remove the old shingles so that the roof decking can be inspected and repaired if needed. Because this part of the roof is never exposed during re roofing it’s likely a problem will not be found or repaired leaving you more problems later on. Some homes have access through the attic to inspect the roof decking but it may only be a partial inspection and there are possibly things overlooked.

Talk with a Roofing Contractor

If you’re unsure which roofing method you should choose then you’ll want to talk with a roofing contractor to get their opinion. For home owners who live in the Troy Michigan area one the best roofing contractors in Troy Michigan is Troy Roofing Pros. Contact them and they will give you a free roof estimate and also inspect your current roof to locate any problems. They are also one of the best and making sure the customer knows about the project and they also have excellent customer satisfaction. Talk with Troy Roofing Pros today about your roofing needs.

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