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Is It Time for a Roof Inspection on Your Detroit MI Home?

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Is It Time for a Roof Inspection on Your Detroit MI Home? Is it time to call your local roofer to have repairs to your roof? It may be time and you not even realize it. In this article, you will find a few signs to help you decide if it’s time to call a roofer for an inspection. If any of these signs pertain to you, call your local roofer.

Is It Time for a Roof Inspection on Your Detroit MI Home?

Ceiling Has Water Spots

One of the signs it’s time for a roof inspection is the sign of water spots on your ceiling. If you see dark circle spots or oblong spots on your ceiling, this could definitely mean that your roof is leaking and you are due for an inspection of your roof. Calling your local roofer to come out and inspect your roof, could help save you from more damage to your home. You shouldn’t climb up there yourself because it can be very dangerous.

Attic appears to Have Moisture

If you go up in your attic and you can see moisture, there may be a problem with your roof. Holes in your roof, damage to the valleys or damage to the gutters can cause problems that lead to moisture in your attic. If this isn’t take care of right away, it could most definitely lead to other problems including mild dew and mold build up.

Last Inspection was Longer than a Year

Has your last roofing inspection been over a year ago? Then you may want to consider calling your local roofing company and have them come out to do a roof inspection for you. If you live in the Macomb County, Michigan, area, give Macomb Roofers a call. They provide you with free roofing inspections with no strings attached.

Some Shingles are Missing

Have you noticed that some of the shingles on your roof are missing? If so, this may be a good time to call that roofing company for a roofing inspection. Missing shingles sometimes means there is damage to your roof and neglecting this problem could lead to other problems such as a leaking roof. Don’t just brush this problem off, call a roofer today!

No Water Appears around Downspouts

Have you noticed that there isn’t any water around the downspouts? Normally, there is a puddle of water around the downspouts after it rains. If you don’t see any water, that could mean your gutters or downspout is clogged up. This can happen once leaves and other debris fall and land in the gutters. This normally happens when fall arrives and you have a lot of trees around your home. Neglecting this problem can lead to other problems such as holes in your roof or worse, your roof caving in. If you don’t see what around your downspout after it rains or the snow and ice has melted, call a roofer for a roof inspection.

Light Can Be Seen through Ceiling

If you can see light through your ceiling or in your attic, it’s probably time to call a roofing company for an inspection. This could mean there are holes in your roof or that the valleys are damaged. Either way, seeing light is not a good sign. Something is going on and you need to call a roofer before your roof caves in or before you have water damage to your home.

If you have any of the above signs, it’s time to call your local roofing company for a roof inspection. Many people try to inspect the roofs themselves, but this can be very dangerous. If you insist on checking your own roof, make sure you practice safety first. Such as, check the ladder before climbing up it. Make sure you have someone there with you in case something happens and they can call for help. You also need someone to hold the ladder for you while you climb it. When climbing on a roof be very careful where you step. Your roof could have rotten places and you can fall right through it.

To avoid all of that, simply call a roofing company you can depend on. Macomb Roofers in Macomb County, Michigan, is a great roofing company. They have been in the roofing business for many years and they offer free roof inspections. These are a team of professional roofers you can depend on.  Their roof inspections are free of charge and you are not obligated to buy anything from them. If your roof checks out, then you can rest easier at night. If they find a problem, they will discuss the problem with you and then the two of you can discuss a plan. Call the professionals at Macomb Roofers for your roof inspection today!

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