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Tips to Properly Maintain Wooden Windows in Michigan

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Most older homes have wooden windows installed. And while wooden windows can really give your home a unique and classic look they do require lots of upkeep and maintenance. In this article I’ll go over some maintenance routines that you’ll want to look over on your wooden windows in Michigan to make sure they are performing as they should and continuing to be energy efficient in your home.Β 

Tips to Properly Maintain Wooden Windows in Michigan

Allowing your windows to fall into disrepair and allow them to start leaking air inside your home can have a huge effect on your home’s energy bill. Keeping your windows in good shape saves on energy costs and also gives your home more value. You’ll also want to ensure the windows open and close properly in case of emergency you may need to exit through one of the windows. The time to inspect them is before an emergency occurs so if there is a problem with the window you can have it repaired or replaced. Wooden windows in Michigan usually require much more maintenance than fiberglass or vinyl windows but have been used for many decades and still remain in many homes across Michigan.

Periodically Check for Air Leaks

One of the biggest problems with any type of windows is air leaking into the home around some of the window parts. This is more common in older wooden windows in Michigan however it can occur in any type of window. Periodically checking to see if any window is allowing a draft can be achieved by lighting a candle and going around the window to see if it goes out or flickers. You can also use a match and watch the smoke after it’s gone out. Having a air draft can cause more energy to be used when heating and cooling the home.

Tips to Properly Maintain Wooden Windows in Michigan

You can also use a match and watch the smoke after it’s gone out. Having a air draft can cause more energy to be used when heating and cooling the home.

Inspect Seals Around Glazing

Some wooden windows have single panes that are installed with a glazing that holds the pane in place. For newer wooden windows this glazing may only be surrounding the outside of the window. In either case the glazing can become brittle and crack. It may have even fallen off the window completely. Sometimes simply adding new glazing can be done to repair the window but with newer wooden windows you may need to completely replace the window sash.

Proper Sealing and Painting of the Windows

Vinyl and fiberglass windows don’t rot or need painting however wooden windows are susceptible to many threats such as the wood rotting. The wood in the window needs to be properly sealed and weatherproofed so the water doesn’t soak into the wood. Once that happens the seals of the window can be damaged and the window may not track correctly. Some home owners will paint the windows and if you choose this route be sure not to let the paint seal the window track. If so, you may not be able to open and close the window once the paint is dried.

Inspect the Glass of the Window Sash

If your home has newer double pane wooden windows in Michigan be sure to inspect the glass to ensure it’s not blown. If condensation is occurring inside the two panes of glass then it’s likely that the window seal is broken and allowing air to escape from between the glass. When this happens the window sash needs to be replaced. You’ll also want to inspect the area around the window sash to ensure it’s not leaking air.

Consider Getting Replacement Windows

Having wooden windows in Michigan can give your home a warm and inviting look but the maintenance that is required for these windows is tremendous. For homes with single pane wooden windows even when the windows are properly maintained and working as they were designed to it still is not energy efficient and can make your heating and cooling costs skyrocket. Consider getting newer wooden windows in Michigan installed which are much more energy efficient. You can also get vinyl replacement windows in Michigan installed that look like wooden windows. They have much better energy efficiency rating and can really make an impact on your heating and cooling costs. If you’re considering getting your wooden windows replaced be sure to contact All Point Construction today for a free window replacement estimate in Downriver Michigan.

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