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Living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you get used to thinking about your roof. In other states, roofs go for years without an inspection of repair. But Michigan is well-known for intense seasonal storms and roofing becomes a regular concern of today’s homeowners. No doubt, you’ve had reason to think of your roof more than a few times over the last few years. But one thing many homeowners don’t quickly master is timing.

When is the best time to call for Ann Arbor roofing inspections, repairs, or reinstallations? Your local Ann Arbor roofing services will give you best results if you schedule them at the right time based on the seasons, the weather, and the needs of your home.

Advance Booking vs Emergency Services

The first and best tips is the difference between booked services and emergency services. With roofing, it’s always best if you can book ahead. Many homeowners book months and sometimes even years ahead of time to ensure they get the time slot they want. The spring and summer are the busy seasons for roofers and big roofing projects need to be fit into a potentially packed schedule.

However, there are other types of roofing services as well. Emergency roofing services and event-based inspections can be booked at the last minute. Good roofers always keep some of their work hours open for emergency services, because roofing trouble is often an emergency that needs spot-repairs. They can also always pencil in an inspection within a week or two of your call.

So the best time to book roofing services in Ann Arbor depends on how big the project is, and how much time you can spare.

Choosing Times that Work for You

The next challenge is to consider when you want to book. A great roofing experience isn’t just skilled roofing, it’s also an appointment that you can easily attend to. Working with trustworthy roofers, you don’t have to be home during the work but many homeowners choose to be. Roofing is noisy so it’s a matter of personal preference whether you want to be in the home.

We advise that you book a time when you can be home to meet with the team and consult on the work before it begins. You will also want to be available by phone or in-person if your roofers have any questions along the way. Talk with your roofers to find the best times for both your schedule and theirs.

Schedule Inspections After Every Storm

The rest of our tips are about how to book your Ann Arbor roofing services based on the season and the timeliness of your roof needs. The most immediately important service timing is an inspection after every storm. With the cold weather blowing in, the seasonal Michigan storms are sure to put your roof through its paces. If a storm is particularly bad or you happen to hear noises that make you worry for your roof during a storm, then it’s time to call for an inspection.

Your local roofers will no doubt have a routine for homeowners who need inspections between bad weather. A roof inspection after each serious storm ensures that any damage done to your roof is caught and repaired immediately. Most importantly, any storm-caused roof damage is repaired before the next storm, or before damage is hidden by snow.

Book Casual Roof Repairs in the Warm Months

Then there are repairs that are not urgent. If your roof is in good shape but has cosmetic or non-leaking damage then you may be able to put off your repairs until the weather is good. The warm months during spring and summer are the best times for roofing services that are not urgent. So if your shingles have started to look rough or perhaps if you have moss that is growing on your roof that you’d like to have cleaned off, this type of roofing work can wait. Schedule all your minor, superficial, and non-urgent roofing services for the warm months when roofing is safer and more pleasant to do.

Schedule Ann Arbor Roof Replacement in the Summer

Roof replacement is something that many homeowners plan several months to several years in the future. Installing a new roof is a big task that can take one full day to several days of perfect weather to complete. This means that it can only be done during Michigan’s warm months without snow or ice. The summer is the roofing busy season for a reason. Everyone who needs a new roof will book that installation during the summer. And you should too.

If your Ann Arbor home is approaching time to replace the roof, schedule the roof installation months in advance. Talk to your roofers about a preliminary inspection and then, together, find the right time for your roof replacement. They will help you identify if you need a roof installation in the next year or several years, and find a time slot for your installation during an upcoming summer.

Plan an Annual Inspection In the Fall

If you don’t need any inspections after a seasonal storm, then be sure to get at least one annual inspection of your home’s roof. An annual inspection helps you detect any lurking roof damage and prevent any water damage or structural problems that might otherwise develop. The best time during the year for a once-yearly inspection is the autumn. You want to get a look at your roof before the worst seasonal storms and before the first snowfall. This way, there will still be a few good-weather days for last-minute repairs if needed or you can go into the winter with peace of mind, knowing your roof is in good condition.

Take Care of Emergency Roof Repairs Immediately

However, don’t let the winter stop you from calling for roof repairs if they are needed. No matter what season it is, call your local roofers if your roof needs repair in an emergency situation. If your roof is leaking, if it is visibly damaged or damaged in a storm, emergency repairs can and will be taken care of. Any respectable roofer sets aside time for emergency repairs throughout the year. Though roofing is more dangerous and difficult in cold weather, emergency roof repairs can be done even if a layer of snow must be cleared first.

You can trustΒ Ann Arbor roofersΒ to take care of you if you have a roofing emergency, any time of year.

Plan Ann Arbor Roof Remodeling for Spring and Summer

Planning to remodel your roof? There are many different reasons that homeowners make changes to their roofs. You might be looking to install a chimney or a new vent, repair a vent, update your chimney, or even build an entire extension of your home. Remodeling your roof is a practical change that many people make. It’s often an incidental requirement of an otherwise internal remodeling project.

If you do plan to make a major change to your roof with home remodeling, plan this for the spring and summer, as well. This kind of large project is the type that should be planned months ahead of time. Your roofing team will help you schedule the right window for your roof remodel.

Improve Your Attic Ventilation and Insulation Anytime

One year-round aspect of roofing is attic care. Believe it or not, roofers can often help you make your attic more efficient and durable for winter weather. Healthy roofs need attics that are well-insulated and well-ventilated. Roof ventilation actually helps a roof repel piled snow so that the snow melts and slides off instead of building up on the roof.

Any time during the year, and particularly during the winter, you can call for an assessment of your attic and for specific services that will improve how well your attic supports your roof. An inspection can tell you if moisture is seeping into the attic, the quality of your attic ventilation, and whether your attic insulation could be improved.

Get Your Chimney Repaired in the Autumn

We mentioned earlier that the best time for a roof inspection was in the autumn, before the first snowfall. This is also the right time to look into chimney repair. If your chimney is cracked, has separating flashing, or needs a new chimney cap, then you’ll want to take care of these repairs before the weather gets too cold. Roofers handle many chimney maintenance aspects and can often provide chimney inspections for top-to-bottom condition estimation. And if you need specialized chimney services, your local roofers can be trusted to connect you with a local chimney expert experienced in Ann Arbor home chimneys.

Arrange for Roof Cleaning in the Winter

Finally, consider hiring winter-specific roofing services. It’s best to clean piles of damp leaves and piling snow from your roof. Never let something wet sit on your roof for more than a week. Able-bodied adult homeowners can often clean at least parts of a roof on their own with a long-handled brush. But if you don’t have the time or the physical abilities to wield a roof brush, then you can hire roofers to help care for your roof. You can make arrangements for monthly roof cleaning during the cold months so that your roof stays in great condition all year long.

Trust A2 Roofing for Your Home’s Roof Maintenance

Whether you are planning a large project or a few small repairs, it’s important to have a roofing team that you trust. A2 Roofing is a dedicated local team of roofers who understand the needs of your Ann Arbor home.Β Contact A2 RoofingΒ today to schedule your roofing services, from long-term plans to last-minute roofing emergencies. We will ensure a schedule that works for you and timely services you can be proud of.

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