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A dependable, well-maintained roof is more important than ever. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, home became “the office” for thousands of people in the Great Lake State. With more people than ever working from home, there is no time like the present to ensure that your roof is in great shape. Below is a look at eight ways the best roofers in Wayne County are creating a safer home environment with roofing repair in Canton, Michigan.

1) Free roof inspections

High quality Canton MI roof repair begins with a thorough evaluation of your existing roof. And with homeowners facing tighter budgets than ever, Canton’s top roofers make it easy for homeowners with complimentary roof evaluations. Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect during your free Canton, MI roof repair inspection:

  • Convenience: An experienced roofing inspector will come to your home at a time that works for you.
  • Questions: You may be asked if you have experienced any recent problems related to your roof.
  • An External Inspection: Your inspector will carefully screen for leaks, damaged shingles, and discoloration.
  • An Internal Evaluation: The inspector may check your attic and inside walls for mold or other signs of roof leaks.
  • A Gutter Check: Your inspector may also look for clogs and signs of wear and tear in your gutters.

Remember that no two homes and roofs are exactly alike. Your roof inspection will be customized to meet your needs and may include some extra steps.

Why Roofing Repair In Canton MI is More Important Than Ever

2) Clear, easy-to-read roof repair quotes

In addition to complimentary evaluations, top roof repair providers in Wayne County are working harder than ever to make the roof repair process simple and affordable for residents. A big part of this process is providing customers with quotes that are:

  • Fast! You should never have to wait days or weeks for a Canton MI roof repair estimate.
  • Written: Top companies always provide a written estimate with a date and signature.
  • Clear: A quote is worthless if you cannot understand the language used. Top companies use clear language.
  • Informative: Your quote should break down the repair services needed along with their respective prices.
  • Authentic: Official quotes contain a business address, website address, and contact details.

An official quote can also help protect you from roofing repair scams, which seem to increase following devastating events such as natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure you check the address and telephone number on the quote to ensure that you choose a legitimate provider.

“The Better Business Bureau asks consumers to stay on high alert as we are experiencing the perfect environment, the perfect storm, for scams. BBB research shows there are four characteristics that make this situation particularly ripe for scam activity.” 

– Bao Vang, Spokeswoman, Better Business Bureau (BBB)

3) An increased focus on health and safety

Roofing in Canton MI involves a certain degree of risk for roofers and homeowners alike. And while the risk of injury is small, the coronavirus has prompted Michigan’s top roofers to adopt a proactive approach to health and safety. Here are some of the specific steps leading roof repair providers are taking to ensure your health and safety:

  • Protective Masks: Inspectors and technicians keep a healthy supply of face masks on hand to provide protection from illness.
  • Hard Hats: A durable hard hat is one of the best pieces of protective gear to protect roofers from falling debris and injury.
  • Work Boots: Using the proper footwear can help protect your shingles and the feet of roofing technicians.
  • Tarps: Roofers may use protective tarps to help keep your property safe and free of nails, debris, and falling shingles.
  • Fall Protection: You may see safety harnesses, fall arrest devices and special equipment to safeguard against falls.

In addition to special equipment and devices, top roof repair technicians will arm you with helpful instructions to help keep you and your roof safe. Educating homeowners about common roof repair issues is one of the best ways to take a proactive approach to roof health and safety.

4) A clean organized worksite

Loose debris, materials and packaging should be removed from the rooftop to minimize the potential blockage of drains or flying off the roof. Ground areas should also be cleared of loose debris, materials and packaging. Debris containers and any dumpsters specific to roofing work should be covered and, preferably, removed from job sites. Coordinate dumpster removal with the specific waste hauler. – National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

A roofing worksite that is organized and free of clutter is essential to maintaining a safe work environment. This is especially important if your roofing repair process requires more than a single visit. The best roofing contractors in Canton MI will make every effort to keep your roof and property as neat and organized as possible while they are onsite and during off hours. Here are some steps they may take to achieve this goal:

  • Debris Containers and Dumpsters: Depending on the size of your repair project, a waste disposal container may be necessary.
  • Periodic clearing of materials: Top roof repair technicians clear loose materials away from the worksite as a project unfolds.
  • Coordination of waste removal: Measures will be taken to remove waste from your property quickly and safely.
  • A final property inspection: The area’s best roofers will scan your property with a fine tooth comb to remove any hard to spot debris.

These four measures keep your property looking as neat as possible while your roofing repairs are underway. More importantly, they also help restore your property to the condition it was in before the roof repair process began.

5) Financial help with your roof repairs

If you are worried that you cannot afford roofing services in Canton MI, you are not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic caused budgets to tighten for homeowners worldwide. But if you are living and working out of your home, you can hardly afford not to keep your roof in good working order.

Fortunately, the roofing industry’s leaders are continually developing ways to help you receive the roof repairs you need without straining your budget. From customized payment plans to zero down financing, there are a variety of financing options designed to help you repair your roof without breaking your budget. Here are a few plans Canton MI roof repair companies are offering:

  • 100% financing: Many homeowners are surprised to learn they can have roofing work completed with $0 down.
  • Low monthly payments: Some customers pay as little as $65 per month on their roofing services.
  • A variety of payment methods: You can make payments with cash, credit card, bank transfer, or a combination of payment modes.
  • Special discounts and programs: Cash discounts and special offerings can help you reduce the amount you pay.

The best way to find out which offerings you are eligible to receive is to ask a trusted roofing company. Financing applications are shorter and easier to complete than ever, enabling you to receive a fast answer about your eligibility.

6) A “Community Strong” Mindset

Michigan’s most dedicated roof repair providers never lose sight of their communities when tragedy strikes. In fact, they are experts at channeling their strengths and helping others when faced with challenges. For example, during the peak of COVID-19, the area’s top roofing companies made productive use of their time in the following ways:

  • Delivering food to local officials and essential business employees
  • Donating masks to area healthcare organizations and local first responders
  • Providing coffee and encouragement to frontline heroes in Michigan

When you work with a roofing contractor who cares about their community, you can rest assured that they will leave no stone unturned to keep you and your family safe and protected while your roof is repaired.

7) Repairs completed with high quality materials

A roof repair is only as sound as the shingles and materials used to complete the project. When you work with a five-star roofing contractor, you can expect to receive a warranty on your roof or replacement shingles. In many cases, shingle warranties may last for decades.

Leading roofers are able to offer attractive warranties because they use the highest quality shingles to complete roof repairs. Examples include GAF and CertainTeed brand shingles, which are manufactured with the most durable materials. When your roof repairs are completed with high quality shingles, you can expect the following:

  • A reduction in discoloration, which tends to occur faster with lower quality shingles
  • A decrease in curling, splitting, and cracking
  • Fewer broken or missing shingles
  • An overall longer lifespan for your shingles and roof

Even if you feel confident that you are working with a top roofer, be sure to ask what brand of shingles will be used to complete your repairs. Additionally, ask for your roofer to provide any warranty information to you in writing. Make sure you keep copies of these details in a safe location in the unlikely event that damage occurs.

8) Emergency roof repair service when you need it most

Roof repair emergencies are unpredictable and stressful. But with an experienced Canton MI roof repair contractor in your corner, you can experience peace of mind knowing that your repairs will be handled quickly and professionally. Here is how emergency roof repair services can keep your family safe:

  • A fast response time: Depending on the time and your location, you may receive a visit in less than 60 minutes.
  • Immediate triage: Upon arrival, a skilled technician will quickly diagnose the repair issue and seal the damaged area.
  • Swift follow-up: If all the necessary repairs cannot be completed right away, any non-urgent repairs will occur in the following days.

The key to successful emergency roof repairs is to quickly identify the most urgent issues and stop further damage from occurring. Depending on weather conditions and timing, this may involve temporarily sealing a portion of your roof until more favorable repair conditions arise. Generally speaking, well-established roofing contractors are typically the best bets to deliver emergency service because they usually have the manpower and resources to handle urgent requirements.

What can you do today to kick off the roof repair process?

Roofing services in Canton, Michigan are essential to keeping you and your family safe and protected. If your roof has been neglected or in need of urgent roof repairs, the best step you can take is to contact a five-star roof repair company in Canton. With a single phone call, a few clicks of your mouse, or a swipe of your mobile device, you can be on the fast track to a safer, more secure home environment.

By scheduling a free roofing evaluation today, you are taking the first and most important step toward restoring your existing roof. Our Canton, Michigan roof repair team is here to help you restore your roof quickly, safely, and affordably. Here are a few reasons why residents from Wayne County to Monroe County have turned to us since 2005 for their roof repair needs:

  • A proven record of roof repair success: Since 2005, we have repaired thousands of roofs across the Great Lake State.
  • A single trusted solution: Our repeat customers love the fact they can have all their roofing needs handled by one company.
  • An A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB): Our A+ rating by the BBB is a testament to our quality of product and service.
  • Two convenient locations: With offices in Southgate and Canton, MI, we are easily accessible to area homeowners.

To discover the many ways we can improve your roof and home exterior, we invite you to contact us by calling 248-525-6950, visiting us online at Twelve Oaks Roofing, or visit our showroom on 324 E Main St in Northville, MI. We welcome the opportunity to repair your roof and look forward to helping you create a safer more secure home environment!

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